Learning PostgreSQL

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Learning PostgreSQL


I’ve taken the weekend to learn a little bit.
I can create tables, add columns, and insert new data to them!

WOOOOO shiny.

I’ll have to find a practical application for this information. But for now, I am just noodling about with some databases.

This is what I have so far!

Next up is figuring out how to use PHP to send data back and forth in a form.

AND ingesting a CSVs into my database to get rid of a lot of random excel sheets I and other people have made.

The long term goal is to make a custom tracker for inventory untangling. I’ve had a couple jobs now where inventory management has fallen by the wayside and the consequences of such things have caused some gnarly monsters that need vanquishing.

There’s a lot of information to track.

There isn’t a single source of truth for these projects.

Now, what would be cool is if I could get some Active Directory action as well to create new users in my little app. I have a set of users, a set of inventory… and then I make them kiss. Reliably… hopefully.

Anywho. There’s some brain stuffs.


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