Hello Everyone!

This is my webspace.
It’s a work in progress since I am not a web focused person.
This is very much a personal project where I will keep things.
This will be a silly little blog filled with my silly little thoughts.

I guess a side note for right now… I have not optimized for mobile devices… so the experience might be a little scrongly. One day I will fix. Hopefully.

Why does this place exist?

Well, the social media landscape is not great at the moment and I do not have the spoons for the Fediverse. Soooo….. I figure. Go old school and just build my own space.

So that’s what I am doing here.

Recent Posts

  • New Year!

    It’s 2024 already and I was not prepared. SOME NEW STUFF:– I’ve started this year by changing jobs. Sad to leave Bose, but I’m excited to learn new things. – Bills are in the playoffs. My folding table is in…

  • TTNote

    I made a neat little tool for creating TTRPG notes. I like to take notes, but sometimes it’s hard to keep notes organized. The notes app helps me categorize things that are related to each other. The code can be…

  • Learned Things

    Hello! I learned some stuff this week. Mostly, how to take a CSV and turn that into a Word DocumentI have to work on this a bit more to commit it entirely to memory and refine some of the things……

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