New Year!

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New Year!

It’s 2024 already and I was not prepared.

– I’ve started this year by changing jobs. Sad to leave Bose, but I’m excited to learn new things.
– Bills are in the playoffs. My folding table is in jeopardy.
– Backup team is the Lions. Go KITTIES!
– Back in the gym with some goals.
– Looking to read more this year.
– Learning more Python. Hoping to build more things.
– Spending more time with friends.

It looks like there’s going to be a lot of adventures, games, friends, career advancement, and skills to explore. I’ve also given the site a new coat of paint. I’m going to try my hand at moving away from word press and building my own little backend to this badboi.

Anywho! We’ll see how the new job treats me.

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