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New Stuff

New job means new stuff happening.

I am working on re-acclimating to Windowsland after being in an apple environment for so long. New Powershell things to learn!

Outside of that, I have been roaming several different games, hobbies, and all sorts of stuff until something sticks.

I am itching for a larger project to work on, but for now. I am just working on stabilizing myself, figuring out a template here… Who knows.

It looks like there’s a bunch of features to this blog that I have not explored yet. So… I guess there’s that.

I’ll probably have fancy pages where I put GitHub things, audio, pretty pictures. Maybe some sort of page header.

I dunno. This is my little corner of the internet. I’ll do what I like with it.

Anywho! Have a good {$TIME_DURATION}!

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